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Feedback, please :)

Please send your feedback for the Orienteering week via email: Feedbacks which are send before 23th July (18.00 pm) will have possibility win Kuusamon Uistin. More information about Kuusamon Uistin here. 

Also if you have any questions please send them too to Thank You 🙂

Nonstop buses start today at 8.00 am

Nonstop buses start today Thu at 8.00 am and tomorrow Fri at 7.00 am.

Samu Heiska and Inka Nurminen are fastest on Sunday

Turku Forest Visitors’ Samu Heiska won the 1st stage of the men’s main series 5 seconds before Lauri Nenonen from the Kalevan Rasti. Glebov Ruslan from Ukraine, who orientated the World Championship silver in 2018, came third. A total of 57 orienteers set off on the men’s 6 kilometer course.

– It was nice and good visibility, Heiska rejoiced at the finish in the interviewer’s interview.

The women’s 5.1 km route was won by Inka Nurminen of Jämsä Retki-Veikot, just over a minute ahead of Netta Rajamäki of Kalevan Rasti. Siiri Silvennoinen from Kalevan Rasti was third.

Fin5 orienteering week Kuusamo & Posio, Posion Kirintövaara. 1 day

H21E (6.0km): 1) Samu Heiska TuMe 33.44, 2) Lauri Nenonen KR 33.49, 3) Glebov Ruslan UKR 35.05. In the men’s main series, 57 starters.

D21E (5,1km): 1) Inka Nurminen JRV 34.58, 2) Netta Rajamäki KR 36.04, 3) Siiri Silvennoinen KR 36.20. In the women’s main series, 39 starters.

H20E (4.8km): 1) Jonny Donner OK77 29.16, 2) Juho Hiltunen North 31.14, 3) Olli Koivumäki LapVi 32.05.

D20E (4,7km): 1) Hilla Pitkänen JRV 34.50, 2) Elsa Ankelo MSParma 38.27, 3) Iida-Liisa Kuokka IisVi 43.05.

H18E (4,9km): 1) Jesper Donner OK77 32.38, 2) Valtteri Rantala VaHa 34.13, 3) Miska Kuusikko Pohjant 34.19.

D18E (4.4km): 1) Salla Isoherranen Lynx 31.39, 2) Jenny Ojala Koovee 33.07, 3) Inari Karppinen EsSu 33.29.

H16E (4,7km): 1) Elias Ala-Heikkilä AR 30.31, 2) Rasmus Töyrylä KyS 31.03, 3) Pyry Riissanen EsAk 31.05.

D16E (3,9km): 1) Eeva-Liina Ojanaho OH 30.25, 2) Venla Lehtonen MSParma 32.09, 3) Saga Wickholm Trian 37.21.

More results (also in press format):


The registration of the open series: children under the age of 14 and family members must register by 9 July

The registration of the open series and the result service work in the service.

You can still register for open series on race day. Exceptions are children under the age of 14 and family members, who must register by 9 July to .

Information about those who have already registered for the open series about Irma and the service will be compiled and published later.

Starting lists are ready

You can see your start times in competition series here. Check your details, please.

Start times / result service can also be found in the menu -> Result service.

Competition instructions are now published also in english

Fin5 2021 Competition Instructions

Link to the Result Service and choosing starting times (also in english)

The selection of start times for other race series opens on Saturday 26 June at 18.00 at the earliest

The selection of start times for other race series opens on Saturday 26 June at 18.00 at the earliest.

You will find information in the menu -> competition info-> start times and the result service.

Starting lists for elite series have now been published

The other racing series than the elite series, you can choose your starting time for each race day on Saturday 26 June at 18 noon – on Friday 2.7. between 11:59 p.m. After that, the unselected departs are defined randomly.

There are links to the starting lists.

First, a serial alphabetical list with start times for E-series and participants in other series:
Here in succession in alphabetical order:
And then Starting lists for Elite series every Day:
1. day Elite
2.Day Elite
3.Day Elite
4. Day Elite
5. Day Elite


You will find the same information in the menu -> competition info-> start times and the result service.

1814 orienteers in the competition series

Post-registration for the Fin5 race series ended last night.

– There are now 1814 orienteers in the race series, which means that we reached the goal of 1 750 race orienteers, says Seppo Linjakumpu.

Also 270 orienteers / day have registered in the open fitness series through Irma and 53 through Rastilippu. A total of 2 137 orienteers are already coming, and you can still register for the open series until the race days. The starting lists for the elite series will be published tomorrow, June 25. The other race series can be chosen from the start times on Saturday 26.6. All participants in the series will be available in alphabetical order and by race number tomorrow, Friday, June 25th.