Open series (fitness series)

You will find results from (or lists below ->day -> menu -> results > serie)

In the lists (below) you will find your Open Series (Fitness Series) Competition Number.

You will use the same competition number during the week. We will update the list of open series registrants as new registrations come with the service.

You can get the competition number from Fin5 info

More information about Fin5-info’s opening hours and locations can be found here.

Note! You only need to visit the Fin5-info service desk if you need a rental emit card (or change the information of emit card) or you have to paid with a sports benefit like sports voucher or you wants an extra day on your competion number.

There is a mask requirement when you shop at the Info service desk.

Note! Emit changes in open series must be made in the competition centre’s Fin5 info and not at the starting area.

The routes are selected at the starting area.

You will find the list of open series by scrolling down the list.

11.7 Posion Kirintövaara, 1 competition Day

12.7. Posion Kirintövaara, Kuoppavaara, 2. competition Day

14.7. Kuusamon Meskusvaara, Itävaara, 3 competition Day