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Fin5 rescheduled to 2021! Read here if you have already registered before Covid-time.

Days are now updated for 2021!

FIN5 ORIENTEERING WEEK KUUSAMO – POSIO 11.-16.7.2021 (5-10.7.2020)


Date Time Event Place
Sun, 11 July, 2021 10:00 Opening Kirintövaara
11:00 1st competition, middle distance Kirintövaara
Mon, 12 July, 2021 10:00 2nd competition, long distance Kirintövaara
19:00 Awards ceremony, winners of 1st and 2nd competition Rukankylä, Tykky
19:00 Family-friendly evening event Rukankylä, Tykky
Tue, 13 July, 2021 Orienteerers’ event and events organized by Kuusamo and Posio Rukankylä, Tykky, Ruka, Kuusamo and Posio
Wed, 14 July, 2021 10:00 3rd competition, middle distance Meskusvaara
Thu, 15 July, 2021 10:00 4th competition, middle distance Meskusvaara
19:00 Awards ceremony, winners of 3rd and 4th competition Rukankylä, Tykky
Fri, 16 July, 2021 9:00 5th competition, long distance Meskusvaara
18:00 Awards ceremony at Rukankylä Rukankylä, Tykky
19:00 Closing event of Orienteering Week Scandic Rukanhovi restaurant



The terrain in all areas is fell terrain typical of northeastern Finland – open and easy to tread. On longer courses, terrain elevation may vary greatly. Competitions 3 to 5 will take place in terrains that have not been in used for competitions before.



H21E H20E H18E H16E

H21A H21AL H35A H35AL H40A H40AL H45A H45AL H50A H50AL H55A H55AL H60A H60AL H65A H65AL H70A H70AL H75 H80 H85 H90 H95

H20A H18A H16A H14A H13A H13-14B H12 H12TR H10RR H9RR H8RR


D21E D20 E D18E D16E

D21A D21AL D35A D35AL D40A D40AL D45A D45AL D50A D50AL D55A D55AL D60A D60AL

D65 D70 D75 D80

D20A D18A D16A D14A D13A D13-14B D12 D12TR D10RR D9RR D8RR


Open A long, Open A short, Open B long, Open B short, Open C long, Open C short




  • Via IRMA registration service
  • Foreign contestant registration through the IRMA registration service, by email, or by mail to Kuusamon Erä-Veikot, Vanttajantie 6B, 93600 Kuusamo, Finland. Additional information on registration can be found on the event website:


Registration fees

Registration fees are determined according to the following registration scale:

Classes By October 31, 2019 By February 28, 2021 By May 31, 2021 Post, by June 23, 2021
€/week €/day €/week €/day €/week €/day €/week €/day
Elite 100 25 120 28 140 31 170 45
H/D 8-16 50 15 55 16 65 17 80 18
Others 90 22 110 25 130 30 150 40


On location
Open classes 55 59 65 70 75     20
FamilyRR 35 35 35 50 55     15
Open class, children under 13
Rastiralli 15      5


Registration fees are mainly handled according to the IRMA registration service. Registration and fees for open classes may also be handled via the Rastilippu service.

When registering by mail or email, the fee is paid immediately to the Fin5 bank account FI83 5194 0720 1118 92. For international payments, IBAN number: FI83 5194 0720 1118 92, and SWIFT code: OKOYFIHH. Banking fees are paid by the participant.


Competition village

The competition village is located at the Ruka tourist resort in Rukankylä in Kuusamo. The competition office is located at the Ruka conference center, at Hotel Scandic Rukahovi in Kuusamo. Services available at the competition village:  Information booth, hotels, suites, restaurants, stores, event organizing companies, orienteering supply shops, sales and exhibition stands.


Competition centers

The competition centers are located within a 33 – 63 km radius from Ruka. The first two competitions will take place at Posio, at the Kirintövaara ski center. The last three competitions will take place at Meskusvaara of Kuusamo, with a single competition center.

Services available at competition centers: information booth, first aid, guidepost, restaurants, cafés, kiosks, showers, restrooms. Other services will be detailed at the event website.


Events during the week

Various events are available during the week: On Monday, 12 July, there is a family-friendly evening event at Rukankylä in Kuusamo. On Tuesday, 13 July, in addition to events organized by Posio, an orienteerer’s day event will be held at Rukankylä in Kuusamo. Orienteering Week will be brought to a close with the newly established celebratory dinner, which is served on Friday, 16 July from 7 PM at Scandic Rukahovi.



The nearest parking areas are near the competition centers, within a 0.2 – 2,5 km radius. A non-stop bus service to the competition centers is available free of charge at the parking areas further than 3-6 km away from the competition centers. Parking fees for passenger cars and camper vans are €35/week or €10/day, and €60/week or €20/day for buses. Parking tickets are sold at the Ruka competition center as well as the information booths at competition centers. Parking fees are applied at departure from the parking area. It is forbidden to camp at parking lots. Parking is only allowed at parking areas designated by the event organizer.



Bus transport is available during competitions 1 to 5 between the competition village and the competition centers. Day tickets €10 for adults, €7 for children under 12. Weekend tickets €45 for adults and €30 for children. One-way trips €7 for adults, €5 for children under 12. Tickets are sold at the competition office and information booths.

Bus transportation will only be sold as a pre-sale, which ends on May 31, 2021. Bus tickets can only be purchased from the competition office and info if there is space in the vehicles reserved for transportation in advance. The price of a day ticket is € 10 for adults and € 7 for children under 12. The price of a weekly ticket is € 45 and € 30. Parallel fees € 7 adults and € 5 children under 12. Tickets are sold from competition offices and info.



Competition centers now include “Muksula”, areas where professional caretakers look after children over the age of 1. The day fee is €8, which includes fruit and a juice box as a snack. Registration and payment due by June 18, 2021, by email to, payment to bank account FI83 5194 0720 1118 92. Please provide your child’s name, age, participation dates, possible allergies, and guardian’s name and phone number at registration. If you register at the event, the fee is €12 per day. Children who have not been registered in advance are only accepted if there are enough caretakers.