The arrangements for the Fin5 Orienteering Week in Kuusamo and Posio from 11 to 16 July, 2021 are well under way. At the end of February the second cheaper registration stage ends. The actual registration ends at the end of May. Of course, even in June, there will be time to join afterwards (23rd of June), as well as in the fitness series on the spot.

– Currently, there are 1 040 registered, including fitness orienteers. In recent weeks, registrations have increased again as the second registration stage approaches, says Seppo Linjakumpu, Secretary General of Fin5 Orienteering Week.

– Of course, the Covid disease situation is affected and health security is ahead.

– Fortunately, the disease situation in the Northeast has been calm, so we are confident and do the planning together with the health authorities, Linjakumpu says.

There is already experience of organizing health-safe competitions in the area, for example from Ruka Nordic, and there will also be 9-10.4 televised Finnish Ski Cup finals in Ruka in the spring.

– An example of how to do this, is makes departure times for longer period. In addition, starting areas are bigger and restaurant operations wil be likely take away. We don’t pile people in any place tightly, Linjakumpu line.