Fin5 2021- One of the goals of the next summer orienteering week is, of course, a health-safe event.

– One way to further relax the flow of people in the same area is to extend the departure schedules, says Seppo Linjakumpu, Secretary General of the Orienteering Week.

There have been as many as 1,600 orienteers at this year’s Finnish Championships in orienteering events, and extending start schedules has been one way to bring space to the venue. In the national orienteering competitions held during the late summer, the start times have also not necessarily been in series in succession but in clubs.

In addition, the Finnish Orienteering Federation has recommended, for example, increasing the space in the starting area, and for some of the series, distance goals have also been added, which were seen, for example, in the Finnish Championships in Middle Distance. In general, Fin5-Orienteering Week already has 5 different starts and 5 different finish line.

In addition, competitors are not encouraged to stay in the competition center area for long periods of time, quite the contrary. In the Finnish Championships sprint, orienteering maps were not distributed to competitors after the competition, but everyone was allowed to print their own maps afterwards.

This certainly reduced unnecessary hanging out in the competition center area and also made it possible to relax the start schedules. In addition, there wasn’t no queuing at the map bag distribution point at that case.

The coming event in Kuusamo, Ruka Nordic (cross-country skiing, hill jumping and combined) world cup competition, which will be held at the end of November and will be held without an audience, will bring more experience to the organizers of the competition for to organice health-safe races.