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Feedback, please :)

Please send your feedback for the Orienteering week via email: Feedbacks which are send before 23th July (18.00 pm) will have possibility win Kuusamon Uistin. More information about Kuusamon Uistin here. 

Also if you have any questions please send them too to Thank You 🙂

Competition Day 5: Course Setter´s Statement

Competition Day 5 – Tavivaara – Meskusvaara. Course Setters: Tapio Tahkola and Timo Ronkainen

In the final competition, orienteers are offered long-distance orienteering at its best.

The terrain varies from extensive marshes between small slopes and old swamp meadow to fabric-based forests, where tillage has also been practiced in recent years.

The stunted birch of the Tavivaara slopes is reminiscent of the slopes of the Lapland fells, where vegetation challenges visibility.

Sometimes the expansive terrain allows the gaze to wander hundreds of meters in search of clear landmarks to support walking in the direction.

In route choices, terrain navigability and elevation differences must be assessed.

Open bogs are mostly hard-bottomed and well-established. The Juomajoki river, which flows across the terrain, is hard-bottomed and can be crossed from anywhere, although a couple of bridges have been built especially for children’s tracks.

There is no water in the river over the knee.

The beginning of the children’s routes rests on the edges of open areas and meadows.

Nonstop buses will start on Friday at 7.00 am and the prize-giving will be at the competition center after the results will be ready

Nonstop buses will start on Friday at 7.00 am and the prize-giving will be at the competition center after the results will be ready.

The winners of the 3rd and 4th competitions will be awarded today at 7 pm

The winners of the 3rd and 4th competitions will be awarded today at 7 pm in Ruka, Kuusamo, at the Tykky tower in Rukankylä. Address Rukankyläntie 17, 93825 Kuusamo. Welcome to enjoy the great atmosphere of Ruka village.

The prizes for the full week will be handed out tomorrow, Friday, at the competition center.

New photos in Photo gallery

Professional photographer Keijo Lehtimäki as photographed great pictures on 11 July 21 in Kirintovaara, Posio and on 13 July 21 in Meskusvaara, Kuusamo.

Click on the image bank and find yourself. And if you want to upload the image to yourself then that too will work.

If you want a picture or pictures for yourself, send a message to and tell them the number of the picture you want for yourself.

The images are high resolution, so you can even have a painting of the image for yourself.

The price of the picture is 15 euros (incl. 24% VAT). You can make the payment either via Mobilepay or through a bank. You will receive payment information by e-mail.

If you find a picture of yourself here and you don’t want it to appear, then post a message to  so the image will be delete then.

You will find the photo gallery also -> Menu -> Competition Info -> Photo Gallery


Competion Day 4 – Course setter´s statement

Competition 4 – Meskusvaara Course Setters: Santeri Aikio and Timo Ronkainen

The fourth race will take place in an area with varying terrain types, which is mainly dominated by the steeply sloping Meskusvaara. The forest ranges from very fast-moving pine cloth to cliffs and open slopes, a slope covered with dense birch, moist ravens and brook barns, and thinned and felled commercial forests.

In the western parts of the terrain, navigators are pampered by the enjoyable scenery of the hillside area, which is broken by hills and cliffs, and the most challenging tracks offer tight slopes in the dents and cliffs of the dense southern slope.

The tracks of the oldest series in the Meskusvaara legal area are not painful, but the terrain challenges the series that visit there with their small features. In the description of the map, it should be noted that in the western part of the terrain, a vertical green decelerating ground sign has been used to describe an area that is rich in juniper, where, for example, stones are effectively hidden in the shadows of junipers.

In the eastern part of the terrain, the same symbol, in turn, describes a thinned seedling, where logging residues slow down progress. There are also unclear game trails on the southern slope of the danger, of which only the clearest and most continuous are described on the map. There are trails and other clear grooves in the vicinity of the competition center that are exploited by children’s tracks, but farther away there are fewer, making the tracks rely on open and steep slopes.

You have to be careful with the direction.

Nonstop buses start today at 8.00 am

Nonstop buses start today Thu at 8.00 am and tomorrow Fri at 7.00 am.

1. and 2. competition winner´s prizes

Thank you all for the great atmosphere of the awards ceremony yesterday at theTykky tower in Rukankylä. 🙂

If you were not present to apply, you can pick up your Pentik prize from Fin5-info at Meskusvaara competition center.

The winners of Wednesday’s and Thursday’s competitions will be awarded on Thursday at 7 pm at the foot of Rukankylä’s Tykky observation tower. Address is Rukankyläntie 17, 93825 Kuusamo.

The prizes for the overall competition will be given on Friday at the Meskusvaara Competition Center.

3. Competition Day: Course setters statement

Competition Day 3 – Itävaara. Course setters: Jari Oikarainen and Timo Ronkainen (children).

In Kuusamo, the competition will be opened on the slopes of Itävaara, located east of the competition center. It is a fairly clear terrain where curving slopes challenge movement in the direction. To the chagrin of the track master group, the postponement of the races for a year resulted in the area having time to undergo extensive thinning over the past year, and therefore the nature of the forest changed somewhat from the original. The forest is thus a thinned mixed forest with excellent visibility. As we get closer to the competition center, the drained swamp meadows enter the picture. The terrain is mainly well-trodden despite logging residues. Compass heading and good foresight allow you to find control points well.

Behind the morass swamp that spreads in the northern part of the terrain, a network of cross-country riding trails at a nearby horse farm cruises. Some new paths to the area have been created even after the maps were completed, so it is not worth counting on one’s own navigation on them alone. Anticipating this, children’s trails do not go into that trail area. There are the edges of fields and meadows, as well as open and other vegetation boundaries in the children routes.



Nonstop buses start operating at 8.00 am. Please, take cash with you because of slow internet- and phone connections

Nonstop buses will start operating at 8.00 am from the parking areas of the competition center in Meskusvaara. Kuusamo. Meskusvaara also has slow internet and telephone connections, so please book cash with you and avoid extra phone use. Thank you.