Competition Day 5 – Tavivaara – Meskusvaara. Course Setters: Tapio Tahkola and Timo Ronkainen

In the final competition, orienteers are offered long-distance orienteering at its best.

The terrain varies from extensive marshes between small slopes and old swamp meadow to fabric-based forests, where tillage has also been practiced in recent years.

The stunted birch of the Tavivaara slopes is reminiscent of the slopes of the Lapland fells, where vegetation challenges visibility.

Sometimes the expansive terrain allows the gaze to wander hundreds of meters in search of clear landmarks to support walking in the direction.

In route choices, terrain navigability and elevation differences must be assessed.

Open bogs are mostly hard-bottomed and well-established. The Juomajoki river, which flows across the terrain, is hard-bottomed and can be crossed from anywhere, although a couple of bridges have been built especially for children’s tracks.

There is no water in the river over the knee.

The beginning of the children’s routes rests on the edges of open areas and meadows.