Competition 4 – Meskusvaara Course Setters: Santeri Aikio and Timo Ronkainen

The fourth race will take place in an area with varying terrain types, which is mainly dominated by the steeply sloping Meskusvaara. The forest ranges from very fast-moving pine cloth to cliffs and open slopes, a slope covered with dense birch, moist ravens and brook barns, and thinned and felled commercial forests.

In the western parts of the terrain, navigators are pampered by the enjoyable scenery of the hillside area, which is broken by hills and cliffs, and the most challenging tracks offer tight slopes in the dents and cliffs of the dense southern slope.

The tracks of the oldest series in the Meskusvaara legal area are not painful, but the terrain challenges the series that visit there with their small features. In the description of the map, it should be noted that in the western part of the terrain, a vertical green decelerating ground sign has been used to describe an area that is rich in juniper, where, for example, stones are effectively hidden in the shadows of junipers.

In the eastern part of the terrain, the same symbol, in turn, describes a thinned seedling, where logging residues slow down progress. There are also unclear game trails on the southern slope of the danger, of which only the clearest and most continuous are described on the map. There are trails and other clear grooves in the vicinity of the competition center that are exploited by children’s tracks, but farther away there are fewer, making the tracks rely on open and steep slopes.

You have to be careful with the direction.